QQI Level 6 Health Services Supervisory Management Skils 6M4978

Supervisory Management  will provide the student with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to work independently in a supervisory management capacity within a variety of caring organisations and provide opportunities for the Student to develop a comprehensive set of skills necessary to operate as an effective and efficient Supervisory

This  module will provide the student with an understanding of how to communicate effectively both verbally and nonverbally in a comprehensive range of everyday tasks, to appreciate the importance of information and communications technology, and to carry out work related tasks in a supervisory capacity within a healthcare organisation.

Conflict is usually a problem in all places of work , this module  will equip the student with the knowledge, skill and competence required to critically engage with the theory and practice of conflict management within a variety of healthcare settings. The Student will understand the importance of conflict management and conflict resolution and the development of their personal autonomy and responsibility when dealing with conflict.

The unit of study will provide the student with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the work place setting while carrying out work-related tasks in a supervisory capacity under the direction of a senior line manager who will certify competence prior to under taking supervisory management skills independently. This period will facilitate Students to reflect upon the changing nature of work, while developing their professional competence in a supervisory role.

This unit of study will provide students with the knowledge, skill and competence to motivate, evaluate and empower staff while in a supervisory role through the setting of clear objectives and standards by which they can measure their performance and the timely giving and receiving of feedback.

Studying this module will provide students with the knowledge, skills and competence to enhance the quality of life of the older person and enable the student to develop an understanding of the concepts of ageing from the physical, psychological and societal perspective and to address the needs of the older person in a dignified, inclusive and holistic manner.

This unit of study will facilitate the student to develop their knowledge, skill and competence in the models and types of disabilities and the legal and social structures and services in place to accommodate disabilities at national and community level and in the workplace. The student will develop an understanding of the impact disabilities have on the individual and their families and an awareness of the legislation and provision of resources available based on the principles of best practice.

Safety Management will provide the student with the knowledge and information necessary to effectively implement and manage a safe working environment for staff, service users and other persons. It will provide a detailed understanding of the role of management in carrying out their duties and responsibilities under the legislation. It is aimed at equipping persons in a management role with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage the environment in a safe and risk-controlled manner.


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